Evidence of Enrollment Guidelines. Evidence of Enrollment Template


All pupils have to submit evidence of enrollment in a certified college or university at the time of the task acceptance date. This must match the given information you offer during enrollment.

You ought to submit your evidence of enrollment documents in English. In the event the document just isn’t in English, you need to offer a interpretation to English among the pages. Failure to present an interpretation of the documents into English can lead to https://datingrating.net/chemistry-review automated rejection of the type. You may convert the documents your self.

Your proposal(s) won’t be entitled to consideration by the GSoC orgs until you have actually submitted a form that is valid the due date shown in your dashboard.

Accepted Papers

Any *one* of this after papers is recognized as proof that is acceptable of:

A scanned content of one’s pupil identification card showing you will be enrolled. If the card doesn’t have an explicit date that you are enrolled for the 2020 school year on it, it must indicate in some way. an recognition card that just offers the date you began college is certainly not appropriate.

A transcript or program list showing the courses you will be signed up for for dates such as. A transcript in .txt format just isn’t appropriate. A transcript marked “Unofficial Transcript” will suffice from many institutions.

A page from your own university student affairs or admissions workplace saying that you’re enrolled as being a learning pupil for a while duration which includes. This page must:

  • be on college letterhead
  • display a college seal or logo design
  • include a signature and phone wide range of an agent through the admissions workplace

Proof that you’ve got accepted an offer to attend an eligible university or college stating for a semester/grading duration starting. You mustn’t just add an acceptance offer page, but additionally reveal proof that the offer has been accepted by you. The acceptance page must:

  • be on college letterhead
  • display a educational college seal or logo design
  • have a signature and phone wide range of a agent through the admissions workplace

Other proof that you’re signed up for a college system when it comes to semester/trimester that is first of. There are various kinds of forms that will show this, however the key will be yes the evidence has your title, college title and a current date on it. For example:

  • A semester course routine or syllabus with this time frame
  • A receipt showing you taken care of this right time frame
  • A page showing your scholarship/financial help etc. covers this period of time

We do not need certainly to see your personal data (phone quantity, grades received, tuition quantity). Go ahead and block them away.

All papers must obviously show your title together with title and target for the school that is issuing. These should match what exactly is entered regarding the GSoC site. Minor distinctions are OK.

It to the site if you have questions about whether your document is acceptable, do not ask on IRC or on public mailing lists, just upload.

Kinds are going to be evaluated when you look at the full months following the scholar Application deadline has closed. If it’s not acceptable, we are going to request you to upload yet another document inside a specified time period. You will get a contact whenever your kind is authorized (or refused and requirements to be fixed).

You can simply upload one file. If you want to upload multiple pages, a PDF is recommended. Supported platforms are PDF, JPG, PNG. Other file platforms will never be accepted.


  • Recognition Letter
  • Active Enrollment Letter 1
  • Active Enrollment Letter 2
  • ID with Class 12 Months
  • ID with Valid Until
  • Transcript

You may offer this template to your college when they need a test proof Enrollment Letter:

Attention Bing Summertime of Code Administrators,

This letter certifies that SCHOLAR NAME ​is currently enrolled being a pupil at UNIVERSITY NAME ​for the PERIOD/TERM that is SEMESTER/GRADING BEGIN DATE​ until END DATE​.



Typical Errors

Here are some typical mistakes that can cause your evidence of enrollment become refused.

  • Letter from school for currently enrolled students
    • WRONG: a page from the time you had been very very first accepted in to the college (instance: 2016)
    • CORRECT: a letter that is current in March 2020 that presents you may be signed up for this college 12 months that features. See template above for guidance.
  • School ID
    • INCORRECT: ID only lists start date as being pupil and it is dated
    • RIGHT: Shows valid until date which includes (instance legitimate until)
    • RIGHT: Shows legitimate school 12 months
  • Page showing your acceptance as a college system for 2020 summer/fall
    • INCORRECT: a page from the time you had been very very very first accepted with a romantic date of 2018 or prior to.
    • RIGHT: a page that states you have got been accepted for the summertime or fall 2020 system. this will simply be utilized for pupils who can be beginning college in the longer term, maybe not those currently using classes in college.
  • Maybe perhaps Not supplying an interpretation
    • In case your ID card, page, or transcript is certainly not in English you have to supply a translation or your type will be immediately refused. You might convert the proper execution your self, and must upload the first and translated variation.

Rejection Reasons

  • title mismatch: The title in the document doesn’t match the name you registered on the website with. Supply a document that matches the registered name.
  • School title mismatch: college title regarding the document does not match the educational college title you registered with.
  • college title lacking: There isn’t any college title regarding the document.
  • incomplete: necessary industries or any other info is lacking.
  • invalid times: The times from the document usually do not show enrollment clearly.
  • lacking times: there are not any times from the document or even the times.
  • maybe perhaps perhaps not just a form that is valid The document is certainly not one of several appropriate document types in the above list.
  • maybe not English: The document just isn’t in English or won’t have a translation that is sufficient.
  • maybe maybe perhaps not legible: The document just isn’t readable.
  • Not signed: If a signature is required by the document(as do all letters from admissions workplace), its lacking.
  • ineligible college: The school detailed isn’t a certified college system.
  • other: The document was rejected for a good explanation maybe maybe perhaps not in the list above.
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