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Thinking, and gambling, like the pros”Most people in sports gambling are looking at things the wrong way” Peter Webb – creator of Bet Angel”Some people only ever seem to want to hit the sexy six, and not simply take the singles” Compton Hellyer – creator of Sporting Index This is a book that teaches you how you can bet on sports with the exact same discipline and mindset as the professionals. Lots of publications and sites give advice on profitable strategies – and – tipsters and systems proliferate. However, this is the only guide that helps you create your transactions and bank that your wins to get the long run, avoiding the perennial dangers of overconfidence, irrationality and emotion. However successful your choices, you are never protected from crippling losses before you understand how to wager with the obvious mind and serene approach of these masters. The easy fact is that most folks betting on sports shed over the long run. Performance errors currently hamper the majority of bettors: they shed their bets since they first lose their heads.The only answer is to think otherwise. With chapters ranging across motivation, performance analysis, the betting process and going pro, this book is the definitive guide to attaining this: – Use heaps of exercises to sharpen your thinking and refine your betting procedures. – Talk at the exclusive insights of professional sports bettors, who show for the first time how they’ve built successful gaming professions. – Benefit in each chapter from one-on-one training by the author, a skilled sports and trading performance coach. Sports Betting to Win is your own personal path for establishing a company psychological foundation for long-term gaming achievement.

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